Minggu, 11 Januari 2015

Gravity methods

Earth as a living human being naturally provide abundant natural resources. Wealth of Indonesia's natural resources are very abundant, so that we as the next generation should strive to be able to utilize existing resources for the welfare of the nation. Limitations of science to the process of natural resources is an obstacle for us exploration of natural resources that we have it. So we feel the need to learn the ways or methods to reveal any information contained in the bowels of the earth. One way or method to obtain such information is to use geophysical survey methods. Geophysical surveys are often conducted so far include a method of Gravity (gravity).

Gravity methods performed to investigate the circumstances under the earth's surface based on different future meeting of the mineral deposits around the area (r = g / cm3). This method is a geophysical method that is sensitive to vertical changes, therefore, is the preferred method to study the intrusion contacts, bedrock, structural geology, ancient river deposits, the hole in the rock mass, hidden shafts and others. Exploration is usually done in the form of lattice or track cross section. Parting anomaly due to the density of different depths is done by using a filter or filter mathematical geophysics. At this time, the market has been able to be obtained by means of gravimeter very high accuracy (mgal), so we will not be difficult for analyzing the anomalies are small. Only the method of measurement of data, remains to be done very carefully to obtain accurate results.

These measurements can be performed on the surface of the earth, in the boat or from the air. In this method being studied is the variation of the gravitational field due to variations in the density of rock below the surface so that the implementation is being investigated is the difference gravitational field of an observation point on the other observation points. Gravity methods commonly used in the exploration of oil trap (oil trap). Besides, this method is also widely used in mineral exploration and others. The principle of this method has the ability to distinguish the mass density of a material to the surrounding environment. Thus subsurface structures can be determined. Knowledge of the subsurface structure is important for planning measures both oil exploration and other minerals. Read too, Geoelectric Methode

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